Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Ukeleles, Investigators and a Parrot - January 31 2012

So Dad guess what I found out! We were teaching a lesson this week and a lady asked us if our fathers had served missions and we both answered yes, and she asked where? And we both said Indiana! His father was there too! So what years were you there? Because he thinks his dad (elder gnehm) served in the early 80s sometime. So I thought that that was pretty cool! We've been working really hard this week! And we got a new investigator named chip! He looks like a white Native American and has the long braided hear and he works on the railroads and has a thick New York accent we taught him the restoration in his living room and he really liked what we had to say. And we are heading over there next week! We are also going to start teaching a 12 year old named Jordan who hasn't been baptized yet but we watched the new restoration movie with him and he liked it! We should get him baptized in the next couple of weeks! His dad is awesome and is a member! We are the only companionship in the zone that has gotten new investigators lately.

Yesterday was a long day for us! They asked us to bear our testimonies in Sacrament! Then we did sharing time for both primaries! And then a new family came this week! And asked us for a book of Mormon, and we got talking with them and he is a R.M but has been inactive for 10 years and his wife had never been to church! So were going to be teaching them this coming week too! We also have a teaching appointment with a part member family and were teaching a ladies husband who isn't a member! So we are finally starting to see the fruits of our effort and this week is going to be a busy one!

We are well fed out here too! I am going to get so fat if I stay in Coal Creek long. Every night is a feast and all the other appointments we have, usually include desserts. My companion and I try to work out but I still don't think its helping! So don't be too surprised if I start looking a little bigger in my pictures ha-ha!
So last week I went with some elders who are in Lafayette because my companion had to go to training. And it was the first time it had snowed here! And I was also on Bike for the first time! So I spent all day with them biking around town and trying to stay warm! It was so cold. But one of the elders I was with ripped his pants so we had to go to goodwill to buy him some more! And I found a new suit! That fits me perfectly and it was only $10. I don't think it’s even been worn before its pretty sweet. We met a guy while we were in Lafayette, who has read the book of Mormon and he thinks that it was just a story Joseph Smith wrote so I bore my testimony of how I came to know that it was the Word of God, and how he should pray about what he read! And he seemed pretty receptive.

Last Friday we drove up to Loveland (which is about an 1hr away) and there was a meeting for all the new Missionaries and so I got to see them all again and we all talked about our first week in the mission field and some experiences we had. It was pretty cool to hear about what everyone is going through and how they are adjusting to being out in the field. Everyone loves it! Our mission president also talked to us about our purpose as missionaries and it was some good insight into the doctrine of Christ! I also found out that one of them is from Dansville, CA and he wanted to know what James's girlfriends name was. His name is Elder Makivi or something like that. So we found out that the work is starting to explode down in Aurora (suburb of Denver) last week alone the zone had almost 50 new investigators! I think I want to go down there for my next area.

But ya if you would send me a Ukulele that would be so legit! Everyone has guitars out here! Did I also mention that there is an Elder who is from the Canyon Point stake out here! He went on the trek with me! He was in the Spanish ward. We were visiting a member this week and he has an African Gray bird (parrot) and it was the coolest thing I’d ever seen! It has a vocabulary of 400 words and could carry a conversation it was pretty cool, we also helped a lady move this week and she had a hedgehog which was cool. But I hope that everything is going good out in California! And Tell Ben thanks because his letter which said ''to go knock some doors'' motivated me to do that! And I handed out 2 B.O.M tracting and also a handful of passalong cards. But thank you for everything! Including being the coolest family a missionary could have! Love ya! Pray for me this week that we can see some success with our new investigators!

Elder Pedro
-Img_0212 - That’s elder Gnehm!
-Img _0213 - That’s me just outside the Library in Erie
-Dscn0857 - That’s the Great and spacious building A.K.A flatirons church.

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