Monday, January 23, 2012

First Week in Colorado - So Many Rabbits

So it has officially been a week since I landed in Denver! And it’s pretty legit. So we found out that the area we are serving in has been closed for quite a while because there hasn't been much success in the area as far as convert baptisms go, but they opened it up last transfer. But the Elders that were here before us weren't exactly the most obedient missionaries, so we have been trying to regain the ward trust, and also the trust of the Family we are living with. They are an amazing family and very friendly, they let us use their gym each morning and they even let me practice hymns on their organ. So I've got Erie pretty figured out, it reminds me of Park city as far as the hills and style of the houses. So there are 4 main parts of the city; there is old town Erie which consists of older houses, and then there are 3 huge subdivisions on each of the corners of our area. They consist of very nice and big houses and mostly families live in them. In the middle of our area is like a city center type place with a brand new library and rec center. Most of our area is just open space and I have never seen so many rabbits.

We have knocked quite a few doors and we've only been able to give one Book of Mormon away, but we have passed out quite a few pass along cards. Most people belong to a church called Flatirons, I had never heard of it but I guess it’s a Colorado based religion and it has really started growing in the last little while. They have their worship services in a HUGE building which used to be a Wal-Mart and they supposedly get 10-15 thousand people there a week. There logo is orange and has a sharp edged mountain range in the middle its actually pretty cool looking, But almost every car in Erie has one of the Stickers on it. They play a lot of rock music for church and then have a preacher for a while, some of the elders in our district were invited to go to one of the services and said the speaker is really good. So we are hoping that we get invited by someone ha-ha

The ward is really awesome here! The church building is about 20 minutes away and it’s a huge chapel. They get about 300 people there a week of which 150 are children! The primary is so huge and all the families have at least 5 children ha-ha! So it’s a pretty young ward there are only 2 priests but in the last year they have tripled the deacons quorum and have quite a few who are about to turn 12. We also get fed pretty well! And I think we have dinner appointments lined up for the next 2 months. All the members give us food to take home so I don't even know if I will have to buy food while I am in this area. Most of the ward lives in one of the subdivisions and most of them on one street so we can just park our car and walk from member to member. The bishop has asked us to meet with all the members and talk to them about missionary work and challenge them to talk to their friends about the gospel. In church he asked the Members to do a special fast next month for Missionary work, and he said that he knows there are many people within the boundaries of the ward who are ready to receive the gospel; I have never seen a ward which is so willing to do Missionary work. We can't understand why Erie isn't known for success.

But we did find 1 new investigator this week, his name is James and we taught him in his backyard because his children were sleeping. We taught him about the Book of Mormon and how we can pray to know that it is true. I guess the missionaries were teaching him a year ago but then they closed down our area. He seemed really excited when we challenged him to read it, and wanted to get on to We also invited him to come play basketball at the church Tuesday nights (we got permission from our mission president to play basketball and stay out a little later because a lot of non-members go play). So hopefully it pans out and he comes! There is also a member whose son is 12 years old and hasn't been baptized and he talked to us about maybe letting us teach him the discussions which would be pretty cool.

We aren't that far from the mission office either so we are down there quite a bit so I see the mission President almost every other day which is pretty cool. We also do service at a rec center every Friday morning and they let us use their gym and study there before we start is way sweet. But I hope everything is going good for y’all! Don't worry about me I love it out here!

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