Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Mafia Baptism!

Hello Everybody.
I hope you all got to watch ''The work of salvation'' broadcast. It was awesome. Elder Rupper and I are doing great out in Arvada. Emily, one of our investigators had a super hard week and she wants to push her baptism back so that was a bummer. We are still trying to work with her to keep it on the 6th of July. This transfer has gone by so quick, its already week 5! On Tuesday, we had a mission meeting with all 270 missionaries. This is the last week of the Colorado Denver North Mission as we know it. There was so many missionaries. We took a massive group picture. On Saturday, we got to go to a baptism of an ex-mafia guy. He was high up in the mafia world, and had to get permission from Salt Lake to get baptized. So cool story for the week... We have been doing service at ARC ( a thrift store), They had me organizing the books. I took a peak at the religion section and I found an old school large print blue Book of Mormon, it is in pristine condition. It only cost two dollars too!!

Elder Pedro

Fast Times in Arvada! (6/17/13)


It was a great time this past week. Elder Rupper is becoming one of my favorite companions. We are working hard and having a lot of success. I have a pretty rowdy zone and its been a handful, I'm glad I have a good companion to help me through it. I went to two different hospitals this week both out of the mission. On Monday, I went with Elder Rupper to National Jewish hospital in Denver for his check up. Then on Saturday, we were doing service at a huge festival in Arvada and for our lunch break I was playing volleyball with another missionary when he dislocated his shoulder again and collapsed. I ended up riding in the ambulance with him down to Wheat Ridge. Our mission president had lost his phone so it took me awhile to get ahold of him. Elder Carvalho has only been in America once and has dislocated his shoulder twice! he is doing well now. We are working hard on Just Serve. We coordinated 125 hours of service this past week in our zone. We are spending a lot of time teaching members right now and its been pretty successful.

Elder Pedro

Arvada! (6/10/13)

Elder Rupper and I are tearing it up out here in Colorado. We are making a huge push to meet with members of the ward everyday and to challenge them to do missionary work. Tuesday, we had lunch with the zone at the Stake President's home. We have been working with Just Serve a lot as well. We are now doing service at a thrift store, we have to coordinate so that 4 missionaries go every single day. On Friday, we had a mission leadership council. We spent that whole day in meetings. On Saturday, we tried a new thing called ''zone blitzing'' we had everyone in the zone go to one area and we all tracted for two hours. Our top progressing investigator right now is named Emily I have been teaching her since I have been in Arvada. She is committed to being baptized in a few weeks. It's so exciting. We made a scripture study calendar to help prepare her for it. Gen our recent convert is doing well. Her parents are ''disowning'' her for being baptized, we are doing our best to help her cope. Today Elder Rupper and I are driving down to Denver, he has an appointment at National Jewish hospital to check on his CF.

Elder Pedro. 

Emergency Room and General Authority Visit (6/4/13)

It was an eventful week last week. I love my new companion Elder Rupper he is such a great guy. Last Friday we got a call from one of our missionaries that his companion had crashed on his bike and would need a ride. When we arrived at the scene, his companion was curled up in a ball singing hymns, it was his fifth day in the mission field and was from Brazil. His shoulder was badly dislocated so we had to rush him the the Emergency Room we didn't leave until midnight. He is doing great now though. It was a slow week as far as investigators we didn't teach one investigator lesson. We are making a big focus with Less Actives and Recent converts. We had Stake Conference this week and two 70s came. Elder Zwick of the first quorum presided. All the missionaries went to the Adult Session on Saturday night and Elder Zwick dis-invited us and told us to go find people to teach, a lot of missionaries were upset but it's hard to disobey a 70. Missionary work was a major theme of the conference.

Elder Pedro