Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Elder Pedro - September 16 2013

Elder Alexander and I just got back from the Denver Zoo with one of the members of the ward and that was pretty fun. The work is starting to really slow down in our ward. We are working with less actives but we haven't taught many investigator lessons in the last couple of weeks. We are probably going to knock a lot of doors this week to try and find some new people to teach. A lot of members went up to BYU Idaho this week as well. We had so many appointments cancel on us this week because of the rain. We weren't too effected by the floods... the city we live got 14inches of rain though. And a couple part of our areas were flooded and we couldn't get up to though. Most of the flooding was in the new fort Collins mission.

Elder Pedro

Elder Pedro - September 9 2013

Dear People,
It was a pretty interesting week. My companion got emergency transferred last week.. 2 days later I got a call that he was coming back. Elder Watkins was my companion for only 2 days. We taught 11 less actives this week which is a new record for me! We are back to finding and are focusing on Less Actives. We have found any new investigators for a while so we are trying to find some. There is a member coming from the first quorum of the seventy tomorrow and I was asked to sing with a few others when he comes. It should be pretty exciting. 

Elder Pedro

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Baptizing David and Baseball

We had Davids Baptism this week and it was awesome! he asked me to speak on Baptism and of course he asked the Stake President to follow my talk! It was great though. We have to do  a lot of finding now because we baptized everyone we were teaching. Yesterday for P-day my companion and I got club level seats to  a rockies game it was super sweet! President Toombs called yesterday and said he needs to do an Emergency Transfer so looks like I am getting a new companion today.

Elder Pedro