Thursday, June 28, 2012

Fires, Transfers and Books

So It’s week six of the transfer, which means that it is coming to an end. I have been here in Erie for 6 months so I am pretty sure that I will be transferred. I am pretty excited to go to a new area in Colorado. I love it here in the Coal Creek ward and I will miss all the awesome families but I am excited to go somewhere new. We have a lot of exchanges this week so I will be all over Boulder. It has been so hot here, it was 104 degrees the other day that broke the record for the hottest day in June ever. They said it might break records today as well. The smoke has been way bad because of the fire lately as well; we still see plumes of smoke every day. Yesterday at church was awesome there is a guy named Shane who is preparing to go on a mission from our ward and he got the Melchizedek Priesthood, he invited us to join, and our investigator Kyle came as well. We cut down a tree the other week and we hand dug out the stump it took forever and it was so hot but it was awesome. At the end of district meeting last week some random people came in and handed us all these books, we started to look through them and they were super anti, one was from 1897 so we decided the best course of action ws to burn them so we did.

-img_0061 - on the way home from the Temple
-img_0072 burning the Anti!

-Elder Pedro

Monday, June 18, 2012

Colorado Fires, Service and Fishing Leads

Hello, The fire keeps on growing over here and some mornings when we wake up it is so smoky and we see plumes of smoke north of us all the time. Last Monday night on Exchanges with Elder Hirschi my Zone Leader it went very well we worked really hard and went ‘fish contacting’ again. We cut down a tree Tuesday morning for Ann who lives across the street that was pretty fun, we also did service at a place called ‘’beads 4 life’’ an organization in Boulder. We found two new investigators this week! We went to go see Chip and his daughter answered (she had just moved in) we started talking to her and her neighbor came over and we started talking and eventually we taught the message of the restoration and gave them two Books of Mormon and they both want to read it and to meet with us more. We taught Kyle again and he is doing so good we had a great lesson on Jesus Christ and his Atonement, he came to church and he is just growing so much he knows all the answers in Gospel Essentials and is making tons of friends. We are excited for this next week we should have quite a few lessons. -Elder Pedro

Monday, June 11, 2012

Week 21: Tornados, Hail and Signs

Hey This week seemed like a weird one. There was some crazy weather this week, there were a couple of days where we had Tornado warnings, there was a tornado that touched down just south of Denver, and we had a lot of hail. There also is a huge fire that is just north of us, they said that the plume of smoke reached 22,000 feet high, the sky has been so smokey the last couple of days. Last Monday we ate with the Stake President and then we went on exchanges, I went with the elders in Broomfield. It was pretty fun I ended up staying 2 nights and we had a lot of fun. They hold signs during the day so we spent a couple of hours on the side of the road, with big ''Book of Mormons'' we kept track of how many people waved and there were over 300 that did. On Wednesday we taught Kyle and during the lesson he started getting really sick so we gave him a blessing, and we let him rest. On Thursday we helped the Hathaways clean out a house, they clean out foreclosed homes so we got to keep anything we found in the home. Afterwards we had district meeting and I was giving the training, so I invited the Hathaways to be mock investigators and our district took turns teaching them, it went pretty well. On Friday we had interviews with President Toombs and we did service at the Broomfield Community Center it was pretty fun and they gave us free tokens to use at the batting cages. We are going on more exchanges this week so I don't know how much we will be able to work in our area.

IMG_0045 - Holding signs!
IMg_0042 - Just after Studies
IMG_0041 - Elder Nielsen and I, he is another goofy Idaho elder.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Week 20, Kyle, Tie Burning and Fishermen!

Hey, We had a sweet opportunity to go to Nederland, Colorado this week. Nederland is about 30 minutes west of Boulder up in the mountains (8300 ft about sea level). Missionaries in Boulder technically cover Nederland but because of miles they can only get up there once a month. So we went with them to help them get some more work done, We tracted out a couple of apartment complexes and we talked to some interesting people. I guess Nederland is one of the fist places in the U.S.A to legalize marijuana so there are a lot of hippies. We talked to some Rastafarian and he kept trying to sell us some natural drink, We talked to him about religion and he said if he would join a religion it would be the mormons (he didn't know that we were mormons) So we explained to him that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is the same as Mormons. Kyle came to church again he is usually there before anyone else. It is so awesome to hear his comments in gospel principles and how he is progressing, he met with the bishop and we had a prayer with him and the bishop in his office it was such a great experience. It was Elder Hollidays year mark on Friday so we burned his tie and his shirt. We found a new way to street contact this week too! So there is a reservoir in our area so we spent an evening just going around talked to people who are fishing, It is legit because people can't run away from us. We handed out a couple of Book of Mormons and had a lot of good conversations. We talked with one guy who was from Beijing and he was impressed with my Chinese. It was a very good week this week.

Img_0004 - Studying at the Rec center
Img_0024 - holliday burning his tie.
Img_0118 - Elder Hernandez and I up in Nederland he grew up a couple of blocks away form me down in the river bottoms.
Img_0117 - Elder holliday and I