Monday, June 11, 2012

Week 21: Tornados, Hail and Signs

Hey This week seemed like a weird one. There was some crazy weather this week, there were a couple of days where we had Tornado warnings, there was a tornado that touched down just south of Denver, and we had a lot of hail. There also is a huge fire that is just north of us, they said that the plume of smoke reached 22,000 feet high, the sky has been so smokey the last couple of days. Last Monday we ate with the Stake President and then we went on exchanges, I went with the elders in Broomfield. It was pretty fun I ended up staying 2 nights and we had a lot of fun. They hold signs during the day so we spent a couple of hours on the side of the road, with big ''Book of Mormons'' we kept track of how many people waved and there were over 300 that did. On Wednesday we taught Kyle and during the lesson he started getting really sick so we gave him a blessing, and we let him rest. On Thursday we helped the Hathaways clean out a house, they clean out foreclosed homes so we got to keep anything we found in the home. Afterwards we had district meeting and I was giving the training, so I invited the Hathaways to be mock investigators and our district took turns teaching them, it went pretty well. On Friday we had interviews with President Toombs and we did service at the Broomfield Community Center it was pretty fun and they gave us free tokens to use at the batting cages. We are going on more exchanges this week so I don't know how much we will be able to work in our area.

IMG_0045 - Holding signs!
IMg_0042 - Just after Studies
IMG_0041 - Elder Nielsen and I, he is another goofy Idaho elder.

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