Tuesday, January 3, 2012

First Week! - January 3 2012

Dear People!

I am almost done with my first week here at the MTC. It has been such a great experience. The first few days were tough though, getting used to the schedule took a while. Every single day is completely scheduled out from when I wake up at 6:30 till I retire at 10:30. Tuesdays are P-days so that’s when I can email! I also get to go to the Temple on Tuesdays so I'm looking forward to that We will be heading up there in a couple of hours. I am in a unique situation because I have two companions. Elder Jolley who is from west point, Utah and Elder Serrano is Filipino and is from Henderson, Nevada, Elder Serrano just got baptized 2 years ago which I think is way awesome. My district is pretty awesome as well. And I am the district leader; there are 4 sisters and 5 elders in it. Sister O’Donovan who is from San Diego she's 26 and Sister Henekey from Albany, Oregon. Sister Lewis from Taylorsville, Sister Tominey from South Jordan, Elder Anderson from Victoria, B.C. Canada, and Elder Metcalfe who is from Yorkshire, England. I love them all. Elder Metcalf is a goof and and acts exactly like Ben Scott. He keeps us pretty entertained. My district is very obedient as well, there have been quite a few times when other missionaries have walked in to our classroom and were surprised that we are actually studying during our studying time. I love my teachers too! Brother Asay and Sister Draper! They make the huge blocks of class very interesting.

The bookstore has been closed for the last 4 days which never happens! So all the stuff that I forgot to bring and need I haven't been able to get them. Luckily I will be able to go get them today. We also haven't been able to receive mail or packages for 4 days. I had to spend $109 the second day because I needed to get Immunizations the Tetanus shot wasn't that fun, Elder Metcalfe had to get that one as well and we both felt sick that night and my Arm was dead for a couple of days.

I think Sunday was the most spiritually day of my life. I had the opportunity to fast. And we had a missionary conference which we were able to hear messages from the MTC presidency and others and it was great then we spent 4 hours or so in Personal study which was great! We also got to do a temple walk, and then later that night we had a fireside and you'll never guess who put it on! The Kelly Mill's family from Somerset Ward! They were pretty entertaining! They sang a couple of songs, and then Sister Mills gave a talk about having gratitude and she was pretty funny! She kept the missionaries laughing. Brother Mills had a cool presentation on all the other International MTC's there are 15 MTC's and showed some great pictures! After the Fireside I went up and talked with the Family! Sister Mills told me to tell you (mom) that she still thinks of you all the time! I believe Brother Mill's also sent you a picture of me? I ran into him one of the first days I was here. After the fireside we got to choose a film we wanted to go see and they had various ones showing, my district went and watched a talk given by Elder Bednar it was great!

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