Wednesday, January 18, 2012

"In the Field" - January 17 2012

So I got to Denver yesterday morning! We had to wake up at 4 in the morning to finish packing and make it over to the bus. In total there were 12 that flew out to Denver I sat by a sister in my district. The Denver airport is so big, and we had to take a train over to the terminal and that’s where we met our Mission President. 3 other missionaries drove out to Denver from the MTC and were already there when we arrived. We loaded up a trailer and a van and we drove over to the mission home which is in Broomfield, Co. It's in the middle of a neighborhood and some neighbors were watching as 15 missionaries unloaded their luggage it was pretty funny. All the elders stayed in the basement there were 7 bunk beds all lined up together. And for the first few hours we all just kind of chilled! There was a guitar at the house and a Children’s hymn book with chords so I played it while we all sang songs and then I played some hymns on the piano too! My mission president is quite the Piano player too. He is a really neat guy and he is very relaxed and funny. We had a way nice lunch too! I guess his wife is quite the cook! So every meal I’ve had has been pretty good. We had an orientation meeting where we learned some rules and all the info that we would need. After we had interviews with the mission president and we found out where we are going! And I’m in a town called Erie, Colorado! It’s in the boulder stake! And imp in the coal creek ward! I hear it’s a pretty wealthy ward. My companion is Elder Gnehm from Kaysville, Utah! He has been serving as zone leader for the past 10 months! (3 different zones) and was released so he could be my trainer. Our residence is pretty nice too! We live in the basement of a member and they have a way nice house! And we have quite the set up! We are in the middle of nowhere though! It feels like Benjamin, Utah! But boulder is only a couple of miles away I guess. We also have a car too! Another cool things is that Denver is doing a media initiative, and the church is showing tons of ''I'm a Mormon'' commercials on TV and on the radio, and so we are supposed to ask everyone we see if they have seen the ads and what they think (it's an easy way to start a conversation with street contacting).

My last week in the MTC was pretty sweet! It was weird saying goodbye to my district though! I loved them all. Elder Nelson from the quorum of the 12 came and spoke to us last Tuesday! He spoke for an hour and pretty much just read us scriptures about the gathering of Israel and how we are the ones doing the gathering. Stephen B. Allen also came and talked to us on Sunday he is the managing director of missionary work for the Church! And he showed us all the commercials that they have it was pretty cool. I also so Elder Kaupert at a meeting he sat directly behind me! He is doing well! And I got a picture with him I’ll send it to you if I can find time. Last Wednesday I got to be a ''new missionary host'' at the MTC and spent a couple of hours greeting the new missionaries and showing them to their rooms and around the campus.

I can't believe that I’m actually out being a missionary now! It so crazy! But I have to run to a dinner appointment! So I’ll write you next week! I’m glad to hear that the family is doing well! Love you! And thanks for everything. Make sure if you write me it’s addressed to the mission office! And just put my name on it! And they will forward it to me.

-Elder Pedro

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  1. That's great! Tell Elder Pedro to keep an eye out for Ryan and Carrie Christiansen in Erie. Carrie is my cousin and they are a neat family. How exciting he's finally in the mission field!