Monday, February 6, 2012

Even Missionaries Have Snow Days!

So this last week has been a crazy week! Last Thursday I extended my first Baptism invitation and he said yes! So we're trying to set up a date for him hopefully in a week or two! But Thursday night is when a huge storm rolled in, and it was a blizzard when we were driving home. Then we woke up to about 15 inches of snow! So our mission President called and wouldn't let us drive anywhere and it was snowing pretty heavy Friday too. We live in the middle of nowhere so it doesn't help when we don't have transportation. So we spent an hour shoveling an elderly lady's driveway she lives across the street from us. Then we played a few board games with the Family we live with. We had to cancel most of our appointments that night because the weather was so bad. When it finally calmed down we got a ride from a member up to one of our appointments and on the way we slid off the side of the road it was pretty crazy but fun! There wasn't much we could do that night so we went to the Hathaways (a cool family in the ward) and we played a game called ''ticket to ride which was pretty fun. It started snowing pretty heavily that night but we made it home safely. That next morning we woke up to another 5 or 6 inches. Our mission president wouldn't let any missionaries in the Boulder area drive again. So we had to look for rides, so we went to a part of Erie and brought snow shovels with us and we went looking for driveways to shovel and we ran into one of our investigators named Chip who was building a snowman outside his house, and he told us to join in. He changed his plans from building a snowman to building a mountain range (the flatirons) and we joined in. We had given him a Restoration pamphlet the other day and he started asking questions about it, which is good because it meant he read it ha-ha! But he really had a problem with Joseph Smith Being a prophet so we both bore testimony of how we knew he was truly called of God to be a prophet, and he seemed pretty intrigued so we gave him another pamphlet to read about the plan of salvation and told us to come back next week.

This last Sunday was a good day too! Steve (who was the RM that had gone inactive) showed up with his family again and is serious about coming back to church. And so we're going to meet with his wife who is a non-member. Then another girl brought her friend to church, and her friend loved it and wants to become a regular! So we gave her a Book of Mormon and we are meeting with her this week! The ward did a fast for missionary work too! And all the classes were on how we can be member missionaries. It’s cool being in a ward with so much enthusiasm for missionary work.

We also met with a man who was a headquarter referral, he works for a company that does printing for the church when they can't meet their own needs. So he is in Utah quite a bit and he wants to meet up with us, he told us that he has a ton of questions so we have an appointment for this Thursday. It's crazy to look back at where we were a few weeks ago to where we are now with quite a few investigators. And the members have started giving us a lot of referrals too so we will be visiting them this next week as well.

Last Wednesday was pretty interesting too. I went on exchanges with the Zone Leaders. They serve in the singles ward in Boulder. They live in a mansion and have the whole basement to themselves its pretty sweet. They both play guitar and are into music which is cool. We are singing in Zone conference in a couple of days so we worked on our song that we are going to sing. We spent the day at CU, it is such a big campus and it definitely has a college vibe to it. We went to a courtyard and split off and would just go around talking to people. I talked to a Jewish guy with Benjamin Pedro type long hair and we talked for quite a bit and he wants to meet up with us again. We also went tracting right next to the campus and every door we knocked on the students talked to us for quite a while, We got a couple of referrals out of it was cool talking to kids my own age and having a conversation about their beliefs. And let’s just say that CU is notorious for is partying, and we smelled quite a lot of unique smells as we went tracting. We continued tracting all night and ran into to quite a few people who know people who are serving missions. I’m going with the Zone leaders again tonight! So maybe I’ll have some more crazy stories for next week.

Thanks again for the Uke! It’s pretty legit I think my companion is sick of me singing all the time. I hear that there are a few more snow storms coming in this week so hopefully it doesn't get too bad. And if you are wondering my companion and I were studying in our basement when the super bowl was on! I didn't even faze me that I was missing it. But love you all! Hope everything continues you to go well.

Elder Pedro

Img_0221 - Thats Jay, he is one of the kids we live with.
Img_0222 - Walking to an appointment.
Img_0226 - the Mountain range we helped Chip build.
Img_0220 - This was after the first day! our burried car.
Img_0228 - this is Shane he is preparing to go on a mission and he thought it would be a good idea to wax part of his beard off its was funny

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