Monday, February 13, 2012

Elder Pedro's First Investigator gets Baptized!

So this last Saturday we had Jordan's Baptism it was so awesome. He was confirmed a member in Church Yesterday and Elder Gnehm and I got to stand in the circle when it was done. You could tell that his dad was really happy that he was baptized. We had to prepare the whole baptism; it took 3 hours to fill the font. Elder Stanger (one of the Zone Leaders from Mesa) and I also performed a song for his baptism. We both played guitar and sang My Heavenly Father Loves me, we also had the opportunity to perform that same song for zone conference in front of 4 zones! We got it down pretty well. So we taught Jordan two times this last week in preparation for his baptism they were amazing lessons, we had other members of the deacon’s quorum and also some of the leaders came to join in as well.

Zone conference was also this last week like I said we got to perform that song! Our Mission President talked to us for a while and also one of the other members of the Mission Presidency, his name is President Stacey. A week ago he became the CEO of the largest private company in Colorado with over 15000 employees. So he is always busy, but he gave one of the best talks I have ever heard, that spirit was so strong in the room! It was like being in very dense fog but spirit style! He talked about the pre-earth life and how we were valiant and noble and how we were to come in the latter days to rescue God's Children. He talked also about the White Hand Book we have and how we are blessed with more commandments so we can be blessed more. I had to lead the music during zone conference too.

So Steve and Joann came again to church this Sunday! That makes it 3 in a row for her, and she is really starting to warm up to the church. Our ward is doing an amazing job at fellowshipping her and she came up to us after church and said she is ready to meet with us. SO we have an appointment set up for this week. We also got another Investigator this week named Toni, and I think I’ve told you about him a little. We brought Brother Hathaway (from the cool family) with us to the lesson He is a great member missionary and we taught the restoration and Toni really was receptive to it and wants us to meet again.

Yesterday I had a very spiritual moment when I felt the power of the Holy Ghost leading me. We were trying to visit some less actives and no one was answering their doors, so we decided we would try one more before we went to dinner so I opened our Area book to try to find their address. I opened to a random page that had 3 names of potential investigators that missionaries from a year ago had tracted into and one of the names stuck out to me, as if it was the only one written. I told my companion we needed to go visit him so we looked up the address and it happened to be on the same street we were on and less than a block away. So we went and knocked on his door and my Companion made me do all the talking. So I asked him if he had met with missionaries like us before, and he said he hadn't but that he had really been interested with Mormonism lately and was really curious about it. He mentioned how he was raised catholic and wants to raise his kids in a religion. We had a nice talk and we got his number! So we will be setting up an appointment this next week. It was such a great experience.

Our members we live with us gave us a guitar we can play so now I’m teaching him how to play its pretty cool! I hope you like the scripture I chose mother! I think it’s a good one and really talks about what I am doing as a missionary (plus I’ve never seen another missionary choose it for their scripture) It’s crazy but next Tuesday I turn 20! I feel like If I wasn't on a mission I would really make a big deal about it. But it’s going to be just another normal day! But love you all!

Elder Pedro
Img_0253 - Jordan and his DAd!
Img_0243 - Performing at Zone conference
Img_0238 - the Boulder Zone!
Img_0246 _ haha so this one is at the mission office, and this little dog was running around. It took animal control 3 hours to catch it and they sent 3 vehicles and this picture is right before they caught it. They stopped traffic for 20 mins.

Img_0251 - a crazy tree house we found while tracting.

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