Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Birthdays, Missionary Lessons and Ward Fasts

We are starting to get a flood of referrals from members, and we already have quite a few potentials from them! So it looks like the ward fast did work. We are still working with Joanne and Steve; it was a hard week for the both of them. Their landlord is threatening to kick them out if they don't deny the Mormon Church. Joanne's Mom is also pressuring her to stop going. But she is still going strong and is continuing to meet with us. We are hoping that she will get baptized sometime in March, we asked her last week.

This week was stake conference for the Boulder stake and we had to help set up chairs and to test audio equipment for the Spanish speakers. We were able to sit by Joanne and another investigator during the Evening session and the Sunday morning session. We had members from the Denver Temple presidency speak to us they both gave very good talks. I also got to leave my zone this week to help a member move so I got to go to Thornton and for the first time I saw downtown Denver, we are only about 30 minutes from downtown, are mission doesn't cover any of actual Denver though! We only have a few Northern suburbs in the mission.

Today is also the beginning of my second transfer which is pretty awesome! It's crazy how fast the first six weeks went. My zone isn't changing too much only two missionaries are being transferred. But they are bringing in another two missionaries to work on campus, so there will be four missionaries working up at CU. They are taking our Malibu away though and they are giving us a truck which will be sweet. We are getting a 2011 Chevy Colorado, the mission bought 8 new 2012 Colorado’s last week to give to all Zone Leaders so we are getting one of the old ones (well I guess 2011 isn't too old). I've been told that our mission has the most vehicles of any mission. There really aren't that many on bike which is pretty nice.
Last Tuesday which was my birthday we were eating dinner with some members, and after they surprised me by asking if it was my birthday and then pulling out a cake! I guess some members had found out that it was my birthday this week and they sent Emails around so I almost had birthday cake every day. It has been pretty windy here lately, and the wind is ice cold. So it hasn't been too fun. But it’s supposed to be somewhat nice here later this week.

We have been teaching Jordan the new member lessons and they are going pretty great. They asked him to speak in church next week and he said yes! His Dad took us to Chili's the other day for lunch which was nice! The honey Crispers are so good. His Dad grew up in Sunnyvale so he was telling me all about it. But congrats Ben on breaking more records and for being famous! It’s pretty cool. And I hope everything is going well with the family! I got a letter from Grandma Covington saying that you send these weekly letters to her so that’s cool! But have a good week! See ya!

Dscn0970 - Singing happy Birthday to me
Dscn0985 - The Broomfield District
Img_0961 - an Intense game of Checkers
Img_0952 - don't even ask

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