Monday, March 5, 2012

Zarahemla Cafe and Badfish


So this last week has been pretty interesting. I got really sick last week, for two days and I did nothing but sleep. I feel bad for my companion Elder Gnehm because he was bored for two days straight and couldn't do anything. I think he watched all the Work and the Glory videos and just about every LDS video he could find. Last Tuesday we got new missionaries in our mission so my group aren't the newbies anymore. I was able to attend part of the ''new missionary'' meeting and I got to see their nervous and anxious faces. I went out to eat with a few of them, seems like there are a lot from the East coast.

I just realized that I forgot to tell you about an interesting guy we met last week. He's and older guy and let's just say he has the same name as a character from 007, and his first name is James. He is a less active member who we decided to randomly visit last week. It was hard finding where he lived because he lives in a trailer park and we had to go walking through the mud to find his trailer which was tucked away in the back.We knocked on his door and he told us to come in, the first words he said to us were ''I bet you haven't talked to a cross dresser on your mission yet.'' And Sure enough he was wearing some very interesting clothes. We sat down in his kitchen and started talking with him a bit, I looked into his living room and I saw all these guitars, microphones and amps and asked If I could play. It was so cool, he had a Les Paul and a Fender Telecaster. So I jammed for a bit, and then he told me he was going to record me, so he set it all up and recorded me playing ''Badfish'' by Sublime. and then I added some more guitars onto the mix, it sounded pretty cool and he blasted it through his speakers. He told us to come back in a week and he'd have it all mixed and mastered. So we went back a couple of days ago, and he had the song all done and he burned me a copy of it. He was under the Influence so he was telling us some crazy moments from his life. And he told me the funniest thing I think I've heard out in the mission field, we had just finished listening to my version of ''Badfish'' and he looked over at me and said ''you know, I caught a Badfish once'' and he went on for 10 minutes about some crazy fish that he had caught it was so funny.

We are still teaching Joanne, I wasn't able to attend the lesson because I was sick, so Elder Gnehm took Elder Osbourne one of the Zone leaders, while Elder Stanger stayed and watched over me. It went really well though, they talked about some of the commandments and also the gospel of Jesus Christ. We have a couple of appointments set up for this next week, we are hoping that we can get a date set for her baptism this week. We also picked up a new investigator named Kelly, her husband is a member and they just moved into the ward about six weeks ago. We taught about the restoration yesterday and she was so receptive towards it. And is going to read the Book of Mormon, she has been to church a lot, but never has received the discussions. We take brother Hathaway to almost all our lessons with investigators he is an amazing Member missionary and is great at fellowshipping them and inviting them over to dinner with his family. So we stay in contact with him almost every day! And we eat with his family once a week they are so funny. We met an RLDS person yesterday too, he was sick but wants us to come back next week.

Last night we ate with members and it was so cool. We came in and they sat us down at their dinner table and they brought us out menus that said ''Zarahemla Cafe'' it had all these options and they were all terms from the Book of Mormon, We had no idea what they were. She told us that there was going to be four courses and we had to choose at random what we wanted for each course. Then she would bring out every one's first course. For my first course I got Ammon Arms (french fries with ketchup), Eve's Temptation (Apple Pie), Tool of the Anti-Nephi-Lehi's (a spoon) and a Cimeter (a knife). One of her son's got only utensils his first course. Then we would have to wait ten minutes for our next course, I was really glad that I got my utensils right at the beginning. It was pretty fun though! The same family took us out to a 50s diner it was so good.

Today is our P-day and I am pretty excited. The APs invited us to come to their Members house, I guess they have a recording studio and have every instrument you can think of. I think I most excited to play a Bass guitar again. We are also eating with the Stake President tonight he is a great man. Well this next week is going to be a busy one for us we have quite a few appointments lined up. I hope all stays well with you guys! love ya.

Elder Pedro

Img 1011 - Just me!
Img_1009 - Just me! playing guitar
Img_1002 - Just me! at the Zarahemla Cafe

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