Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Finding, Tracting and Tile!


This last week we focused on finding, and made sure we tracted at least an hour a day. It was pretty hard because no one would listen to us this week, they would open their doors and close it once they saw who we were. We did tract into an older man who we had a nice talk with and he said he was thinking of changing churches and he invited us to come back when his wife was home. So a couple of days later Elder Gnehm and I went and visited him, he let us in, Once his wife saw us she got really mad and told us to leave immediately she said her husband has Alzheimer's and he didn't want to listen to us, It was pretty discouraging. We did have a success with tracting this week though, her name is gabby and we taught her the first lesson in her front yard, she was really receptive and wants to start coming to church. We have found an investigator every week but one since I've been out, Elder Gnehm said he hasn't been this successful and finding his whole mission.

Joanne is still doing good we had a great lesson on faith. On Saturday we went up to Longmont and got to do service for her Mother. I think it changed her Mom's perspective on Mormon's. We spent four hours chipping out her old Tile. It was pretty hard work, my hands our full of blisters now but it was worth it. Thanks to Bill I was pretty pro with a hammer and chisel. Her mom wants us to come back to help in a couple of weeks, its good that her mom is starting to like us.

This last Friday we had another trainers meeting, so I got to see all the missionaries that came out with me. We all shared experiences and what we've learned our first two months out. It was so nice to hear what they have been up to. President Toombs gave a really good training on the power of prayer. Its always good to hear from him.

The weather has been so nice this last week, its supposed to be 70 degrees today. We even pulled out our short sleeves for today. The last two nights we have had BBQ with members. One of the house's we ate at they had family from Monument, Colorado eating with us, and they knew some friends I have from there that go to BYU it was pretty cool. I'm really getting excited for spring, but I hear that they usually get a big snow storm in march/April. Well I hope everything is alright at home. We listened to Dad's CD the other day and decided it's great spirit-inviting music.

-Elder Pedro

-Img_1015 - ha Elder Gnehm told me to post with a sledgehammer
-IMg_1017 - My MTC District at the trainers meeting.
-Ds\cn0045- Working with Joannes Mom.

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