Tuesday, May 1, 2012

5/1/12 - Grass, Prom & Reese Pieces

Hey Another good week in the state of Colorado. We ended up doing a lot of service this week. There are quite a few lawns in Erie and Louisville that look pretty good now because of us. We also helped set up the Broomfield High schools prom, I don't know how we got invited to this but about 10 missionaries helped set up their prom which was quite a bit of work. Some other exciting news is that we have a personal trainer now, We wake up an hour early each morning and we head up to a park in our area and we work out, They are really intense so Elder Holliday and I spent the last week pretty sore, but the trainer is a member so he isn't charging us which is sweet. We couldn't get a lot done the last couple of days, because there was an epidemic at a local elemantary school where most of our members kids go. We were eating at a members house and some of her kids were sick, she then got a call from the school saying that the school was shut down for a couple of days because of this stomach flu that was highly contagious and was spreading like wildfire, they had hundreds of kids who were sick. So at sacrament meeting there was almost nobody there, none of the speakers showed up and the bishop wasn't there either. I am pretty suprised they didn't call on us to speak, they just had the bishopric give last minute talks. We have been able to teach kelly a couple of times this week, she has recieved all of the lessons, and is reading the book of mormon, She told us at our last lesson that she knew that it was true and that Joseph Smith was a prophet, but she just doesn't see the need of going to church, so We are going to focus on the importance of going to church this week. We both ran out of money this week so we had to rely on the grace of the members alot (mostly the Hathaway family.), we were supposed to get our monthly money today, but we just barely got an email saying that there is a glitch in the system and we won't be able to get our money for a couple more days so I don't know what wer are going to do, hopefully we don't starve haha.

-Elder Pedro
Img_0066 - Me trying to Slack line, this is pretty big in Colorado
Img_0054 - holliday and I
Img_0059 - So I was helping Jay do math and he made me take a test to see what kind of candy I am, by the way I am a reese pieces which means I have a suprise inside.
Img_0050 - Doing some more hiking.

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