Monday, April 23, 2012

April 23 2012 - Stomachache, Haircut and Chip


So another good week, well kind of. So last Tuesday Elder Holliday decided to make me lunch. Bad decision because I got pretty sick. My stomach started to really hurt and we had an appointment that afternoon. We decided to go anyways and we prayed that I would get feeling better, we ended up having one of the best lesson either of us had taught, the spirit was so strong and we led by the spirit on what we should teach. I didn't feel sick at all during the lesson but the moment I stepped out of the door I started feeling sick again so I spent the rest of the day in bed, and the night in the bathroom it wasn't that fun, Last time I ever eat any of Holliday’s attempts at lunch ha-ha.

Elder Holliday also persuaded me to buzz my hair so I let him do it, and it is shortest my hair has ever been, for some reason I feel really Apache now and my head is really cold. I don't know if I have told you all about Heaven Dragon yet, but it is a China's restaurant in Broomfield. We go there every week sometimes twice it is so good, the workers there love us and always have questions for us about rules we have to follow. We went there last Thursday and we had almost 16 missionaries with us I wonder what all the other customers thought of all these Mormons.

On Friday we somehow found ourselves in Boulder, home of the Notorious CU, and lets just say that the date was 4/20. We were at the institute across from the campus during the afternoon, we couldn't go on campus because anyone who wasn't a student was getting ticketed. There were cops on every corner and they shut down all the High schools and elementary that day as well but still the city somehow managed to smell pretty funny. It is so funny how similar Santa Cruz and boulder are, there are a lot of dreads. On Saturday night we hung out at the Hathaway’s and they had a fire going so we got to make smores it was pretty sweet. Sunday night was pretty awesome as well we spent the whole afternoon and night with one of our investigators named Chip he cooked us food and we talked about our church the whole time. After eating he took us and his daughter to a church in Fredrick, Where we watched some Christian movie about persecution which was pretty good. It was definitely a different experience we got a lot of weird looks from all the members of the church, but afterwards Chips daughters friends came up to us and started asking us a lot of questions about what we do and what we believe in it was pretty cool. I can't wait till mother’s day to call home! I'm pretty excited.

-Elder Samuel M. Pedro

IMG_0026 - Good ol Boulder
IMG_0045 - I don't know why I always have pictures of me playing the guitar, but check out the short hair!
IMG_0048 - where the magic of these emails happen!

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