Monday, April 16, 2012


So I am going to start off by just saying that I love Elder Holliday he is a sweet missionary. We get a long very well and have a pretty fun time. We worked really hard this week too we decided to start visiting all the potentials from the last 3 years so we knocked on a lot of doors. One guy opened the door and we found out he was a member but he goes to the Lafayette ward, he told us he has told quite a few missionaries that his girlfriend is interested so we set up an appointment this week to start teaching her. The weather got pretty intense this week too it rained a lot and there were a lot of thunder storms. One day we were heading to an appointment and the sky turned black, when we got to the appointment the news was on and there was a tornado warning for our area and there was a supposed tornado about 20 miles southeast of us, pretty cool not gonna lie! We started teaching chip again this week he is so funny and he loves to talk to us, he always ask us questions about Mormons such as; are there black Mormons? are you all vegetarians? he thought our sabbath was Saturday for awhile too. Our two main investigators were both out of town this week so we weren't able to teach them so that was a bummer, but one of them is in Missouri and she is going to go to the Kansas City open house so that will be awesome. Well I only took one picture this week so next week i will take more! Well I'm off to go play basketball all day, I am way excited there are 3 missionaries in our district that can dunk so We finally have some competition.

Elder Pedro

Img_0020 Chilling with our members!


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