Monday, April 2, 2012

Week 12: General Conference, Dairy Queen, and Hiking

Last Monday Elder Gnehm and I with a few other Elders went hiking in Boulder. We did a hike called ''royal arch'' which was in the Flatirons just west of Boulder it was so fun and we had an amazing view of our area, we could see downtown Denver as well. It was spring break here so a lot of our investigators were out of town, we were able to meet with two of our investigators they are both progressing, both committed to watch conference, hopefully they did we will find out later this week. Conference was really great we watched with some members in our ward they fed us breakfast, lunch, and dinner it was pretty legit. IT was weird watching so much T.V though and just lounging on a couch. This is my last week with Elder Gnhem it's crazy how fast the first 3 months went by. I find out this Saturday where Im going next, or If I'm staying. Well I hope everything is well this next week. I didn't have much time to write this week!

-Elder Pedro

Img_1166- This is Shane he's going on a mission soon!
Img_1143- Hanging out at Dairy Queen with Elder Iverson he is from San Jose!
Img_1106 - Doing some hiking!
Img_1104 at the top!

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