Monday, May 7, 2012

Elder Pedro Letter: Clean Car Award, Sushi and a YES!

I was thinking about it... my brother is now 18 that's pretty awesome! That makes me feel old, I am turning into an old man, it seems like I am always sore too. We had zone conference this week. It was held in Arvada, it was cool going to a part of the mission that I had never been to before. Even though it was only 30 miles away it seemed like a whole another state, I wouldn't mind serving down there. Elder Holliday and I spent the night before cleaning our truck, We wanted to win the 'clean car award' so we cleaned every inch of it. We got a perfect score but so did some other cars, and since we didn't have the seat belts buckled when we gave them our keys we lost! so that was pretty lame. That night after zone conference we ate at the Hathaways and their daughter had a non-member friend over and we ended up teaching the first lesson, and she said it was inspiring and asked for a Book of Mormon, we are hoping to meet with her again this week.

We taught Kyle again this week and it went awesome, I asked him to be baptized and he said yes, we asked him to say the prayer at the end of the lesson and he did, his prayer was amazing, he thanked Heavenly Father for sending the missionaries his way, He came to church this last week and had an awesome experience, our ward does such a good job and fellow shipping those we bring to church. Because next week is Mothers day the Elders Quorum is in charge of primary and some how a member and I got in charge of music, so hopefully that goes well.

So one day we went to help the Hathaways and Sister Hathaway had gone to Costco and had bought me some sushi, she said that she was Emailing my Mom and she found out that I am a fan of Sushi and Mangoes, she is so awesome! There were some crazy lightning storms this week as well, they are nothing like the storms in Utah, It has been pouring the last couple of days. I guess I will end with a cool story; so one day we were walking down the road in this neighborhood to go and see one of our investigators we hadn't talked to for awhile. He ended up not being home, so we just walked around the neighborhood a bit more to return to our truck. When some random scruffy looking guy came up to us and said that dinner was on him and he gave us some money to get food and then he left it was pretty random, we have no Idea who they guy is, He did call us elder though.

Elder Pedro
Img-0002 - Cleaning the truck!
Img - 0019 - taking a break at service.

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