Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Elder Pedro Letter - Arvada, Working Hard and 40 Nuggets!


I don't know if I told you guys but this transfer is a 5 week transfer! We are trying to get aligned with the new MTC schedule. It also means that I will be coming home a week early now! We had a very successful week we found 6 new investigators! the zone found 12 which is the new record since the summer! President Toombs is very impressed with Arvada right now and the missionaries here are working so hard. Angelena one of our investigators is getting baptized this upcoming Saturday! She is a YSA and she referred herself through Mormon.org. Last Thursday I went on exchanges with Elder Young who is an assistant. We worked so hard we taught a lot of people and tracted all afternoon in the snow. We taught a new guy named Joe and we set him to be baptized next month! on Saturday we got the zone together and we did the '40 nugget challenge' and went to Mcdonald I gave a talk in the YSA ward Sunday and I think I did alright it is the second time I have talked in a month. After church we were visiting some former investigators and ran into a man named Steve working on his car we got to talking and he finally said ''Sorry guys I don't think the Jehovah's Witness is for me'' we explained who we were and talked about the Book of Mormon he felt the spirit so strong and he let us inside and he rounded up his family to listen to us. I can not even describe his facial expressions as everything seemed to just click to him. We are going back tomorrow. Elder Anderson and I are doing great. I think Arvada might be my favorite area now. We met with President Toombs on Sunday night and he is planning on keeping us together next transfer. Well I turn 21 this Thursday! it is going to be so crazy Love you all!

-img_0036 - after the 40 nuggets!!

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