Monday, February 11, 2013

Arvada Update - February 11 2013


Everything is good over here in Arvada! The zone is on fire with finding and teaching right now. We are still serving two wards a family ward and a YSA ward. The family ward is awesome there are so many service giving priesthood men. There are two former stake presidents and the current stake president as well as 8 former bishops. They are helping us out a lot. The west side of the ward is very wealthy and we have had dinner in some huge homes! We found three new investigators this past week and one will be getting baptized on the 23rd of February. we are excited for her! we are still working on finding and I think I will do more tracting here than I have the rest of my mission combined. We are doing the ''just serve'' pilot as well which will start up pretty soon. Well hopefully this week will be a good one. My companion got the Flu and was really sick so we had a lot of down time. BUt he is feeling better now. SO funny story of the week. We were heading to Wal-Mart to buy some medicine for Elder Anderson and these girls were waving to us and I thought it was funny... Well when we came out of Wal-MArt there was a note on our window saying that they thought we were cute and they gave us their numbers. We called them back of course (because they were YSA) and one is a less active member but it was pretty funny.

-- Elder Pedro

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