Tuesday, July 3, 2012

7/3/12 - Transfer, Traveling Elder, and Teeth Marks

Aloha So I did end up getting transferred. President Toombs called me on Saturday and called me to be a 'traveling Elder' which basically means that I have a huge area and there is no senior companion. I am going to be in a town called Strasburg which is about an hour east of Denver and I am in the Aurora Stake. I am so excited the area has been closed for almost a year. The Aurora Stake is one of the highest baptizing stakes in the Country so they have pretty high standards (The stake has already had 50 baptisms this year) So there is a lot of work to be done. I am also the driver which is pretty sweet They let me keep the same truck that I have been driving in my whole mission. I haven't been out to Strasburg yet we are still in Aurora still trying to figure everything out. All I know is that we are living in an apartment and we have 2 non member roommates, I also hear they already have a couple of people ready to get baptized. There are about 15 towns we cover. My new companion is Elder Epps he is from Virginia and he is black so he is pretty cool. He just got released as a zone leader, We set some high goals for this transfer we are going to try and hand out 40 Book of Mormons and try to set someone for baptism every single week. Aurora is so much different then Boulder there is a lot more diversity. Elder Holliday got transferred up to Laramie and he is going to be with my MTC companion Elder Serrano. Yesterday was transfer day which basically means we play basketball all day, I went up to block another Elder and I smacked his head my elbow I have a couple of teeth marks in my arm now and I was bleeding a lot but it was pretty cool. Sunday was a weird day we had to say goodbye to everyone, the bishop asked us to bear our testimonies as well. Sister Dimig (Who we live with) stood up and bore her testimony about how we are like a blessing factory in her basement that bubbles up into her home. Kyle was pretty bummed that we were both getting transferred but there are some good missionaries coming so he should be baptized pretty soon. We went and said goodbye to Chip and he almost started crying it was crazy. It was weird saying goodbye to the Hathaways as well. Well I am excited to be in a new area it is huge and I am going to have a lot of fun, I did hear that it was 113 degrees the other day though. Last Friday we went to the temple and I saw Elder Gnehm who is already home. Sorry I don't have any pictures I can't find my camera.

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