Monday, July 16, 2012

Investigators,Tracting, and Colorado Rockies

Another great week here in the Strasburg ward. Last Monday we spent the day in Aurora for P-day and played a lot of basketball, I am in a huge zone now so it is fun to play ball now. We worked way hard this week and got another 8 investigators which puts us at 16 in 2 weeks which is pretty crazy. We got two on Monday night they are African American and are sweet, we set her with a date for August 4th and the husband (who had consumed a few beers) took us over to his neighbors after the lesson and introduced us so we taught them as well it was sweet. We did get some lame news this week, Our investigator named Sam who had a date for August 4th left the country and is now living in New Zealand we don't know when he's coming back so hopefully soon. On Wednesday I worked harder than I ever had as a missionary. We didn't have any appointments planned and didn't have too much to go on, so we decided we would tract all day and that is what we did. We visited some investigators at 10 A.M. and talked to them a bit (reminded them to watch a video we left), then we started tracting we didn't get home until 9:30 P.M. and we took 30 minutes for lunch the rest of the time was spent knocking on doors and talking to people, we were pretty disappointed because we didn't get the opportunity to teach a full lesson. We were able to hand out 4 B.O.M's and have a lot of potentials now. Thursday we were working in the towns of Byers and Deer Trail. We met an older couple who let us in and talked to us about religion. The man is from England and had a lot of questions about the Bible he liked our answers and said that we could come back next week. The ward we are in didn't have a ward mission plan so we spent Friday morning putting one together, we came up with a pretty good plan and presented it at ward council and they all liked it. We started teaching a man named Oscar who lives in the middle of no where in a camper, he has been coming to church for awhile and wants to get baptized, he is a little handicapped so he doesn't remember everything that we teach him so we are going to go very slow with him. Sunday was awesome we got a ride down into Aurora and went to a fireside with Jeremy Guthrie who is a pitcher for the Colorado Rockies he was awesome and he signed my missionary planner. We spent the night in Aurora so we could spend P-day down here. We are aiming for 10 investigators this week so hopefully we get it!

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