Monday, July 23, 2012

Aurora Shootings, a Catholic Priest, and Investigators

Dear Everybody, It has been a pretty crazy week over here. My companion and I both got sick so we were out for a couple of days. Last Monday, President Toombs came and played basketball with us he is quite the balla. Tuesday, we tracted out a town called Watkins with no success they have a huge catholic church so we decided to stop by. The Father ended up giving us a tour and started asking questions about our church and I pretty much told him he had no authority, I didn't even realize that I did haha but he was cool about it. He wants to meet with us again. We had an appointment with a family in a trailer park and when we showed up the cops had shut down the road and there were tons of officers walking around with guns it was quite the sight, we still don't know what happened. Wednesday we made our weekly trip down to Deer Trail and met with our investigators down there, We are still working on getting them out to church, but they are doing awesome. We also finally taught our roommates and we set one for baptism for August 4th. Thursday I was sick, and we got a call at 6 in the morning on Friday from a kid from the ward who is friends with our roommate, he asked if he was there and said that there had been a shooting at the movies which he was at and that he couldn't find him. Later that morning we got a call from the Zone Leaders explaining to us what had happened we had no Idea how big it was, we found out our roommate was okay. We found out that 2 girls in our stake got shot, but they are both doing good I believe. It is definitely some pretty big news over here because it is so close. Every time we go to Aurora we eat right across from that theater so its pretty crazy. ON Saturday we visited Less Actives who lived out in the middle of no where they were all super friendly. Sunday was good we had a lot of investigators at church. The Bishop's wife was out of town so he invited us over and we cooked frozen pizzas and drank soda, he is an awesome guy. Our district leader is coming out with us tonight and is going to spend two nights with us so that should be pretty fun. -- Elder Pedro

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