Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Record Baptisms in Arvada!

It was a very good week for us. We taught so much. We area teaching most of the day now which is awesome. I have been in Arvada for 6 months so I am sure that I will be transferred next Monday. I am going to miss this area if I am. On Wednesday, I went on exchanges with Elder Reiber he is an AP I got to go down to Aurora and do some office work with him. On Thursday, we were very busy and drove all over our area. I had an opportunity to do something I have never done before. I dedicated a grave for one of the recent converts that I taught here in Arvada. Emily, one of our investigators was supposed to be baptized this coming Saturday but she wants to delay it a few weeks, I was pretty bummed because I wanted to be there for it. The Arvada zone is doing well we had 5 baptisms this month and President Toombs says that is a record for Arvada. Every Monday we have a conference call with all the zone leaders and President Toombs, today was the last time we had it as the ''Denver North'' mission as we knew it. It officially splits today. I gave the closing prayer (which means I am probably done as a Zone Leader)

Elder Pedro
IMG_0086 - A picture of Denver I took from a hill in my area.
DSC01585 - Elder Ruppity rupp. and I  

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