Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Elder Pedro Email: Arvada, Temple and Snow!

It was a good last week of the transfer. We had transfer yesterday. Elder Fadika and I will be staying in Arvada I am so happy! We got to go to the temple last week it was great. On Saturday there was huge festival called the Kite festival and we got to do service there. We helped people sort there trash between recyclable, compostable and landfill. Sunday was our last day in the family ward we are solely in the Y.S.A now! We are teaching a girl named Emily who is doing really well I think she will be baptized in the next month or so. Elder Fadika backed into her car the other day though haha. but She was cool about it. Yesterday was crazy no one knew that the storm was going to be that bad. We probably had about 18 inches at our house. We were stranded at the mission office all day. We weren't able to leave until 8:30 PM. I had to drive sisters home by myself and a usual 25 minute drive turned into 2 hours. Elder Fadika and I didn't get home until close to 11 last night. It was crazy. We now have 6 sisters in the zone and 16 total missionaries.

Elder Pedro

Img_0065- one of our districts
Img_0016 - Elder Fadika and I
Img_220 - driving the sisters home
Img_208 - this is the car I had to drive home last night in.

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