Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Elder Pedro Letter: Tracting, Tracting and Raking Leaves!

I set a goal to work harder than I ever hard this past week, and the Lord bless us in our efforts. We found a lady named Allison tracting and we had a good lesson with her, she is awesome she grew up going to LDS services. We also found 2 new investigators by asking for referrals from our current investigators. We had two investigators come to church which was sweet! and we invited 4 people to be baptized! they all said yes so we just have to help them continue to progress in the gospel and set a date with them. Wednesday it started pouring so of course we decided to go knocking doors some guy let us in. He ended up being a born-again ex Mormon and he gave us all this false information about our church. That night it really started snowing and we had an appointment cancel it was 8 P.M. and I didn't know what to do so we just started knocking doors ( I don't think Elder Broderick was happy with me). On Thursday I went on exchanges with Elder Collette (Sr. Zone Leader) and Elder Amon (co-Zone leader) It was a weird day we didn't really do any missionary work we went to the middle of no where east of Brighton to do service and the A.P.s called and said there was an Emergency Transfer and the they came and took Elder Amon. on Saturday we had our ward chili cook off and of course we were the judges! there was some really spicy chili. We had an interesting lesson with Jim (the Native American) on Sunday we brought our ward mission leader, I think Jim had been drinking because he was saying some goofy stuff and he started getting hostile with Bro. Pabst. When we left he lesson Bro. Pabst said ''never invite me again'' haha of man it was funny. I had a great experience on Saturday... We were driving around Commerce City and a saw a lady raking her lawn and I had a strong impression to go help her, so I pulled over and ran to go talk to her. She was a Hispanic lady and didn't speak any English so she grabbed her daughter who translated for us it took awhile for them to agree to help but she finally said yes. We raked her leaves and bagged them as well. When we finished the lady's daughter had left so we couldn't really communicate with her but she started getting emotional and we could tell she was very grateful. I felt very certain that we had helped answer a prayer.

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