Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Hello people, A new transfer has begun. President Toombs called me Saturday morning and told me that he was transferring me to the Denver North Stake to the Woodglen ward. He told me that I was going to be the new District Leader and that I will also be training a new missionary. I found out that my area covers a couple of blocks of the city of Denver! so I can finally say that I served in Denver. I have been informed that my area has the potential to be the best working area in the mission, there are a lot of humble neighborhoods. I live in Brighton but I cover Commerce City. They upgraded me to the 2012 Colorado truck and its a bright cherry red it is awesome. Yesterday I went to the mission office and we had a trainers meeting that evening where I et my new companion...Elder Jacob Broderick he is from Peoria, Arizona. He is way excited to be out on his mission. so hopefully I can keep that excitement going. We live with the Clark family and she runs a dog grooming business out of their house, they also have 5 dogs. We have no idea about this area so we have a lot to do this week.

It was sad to leave Strasburg. We ate with the Voorhies family every week while we were there. Sister Voorhies told me that her kids cried when they found out that I was leaving they got me a cookie cake that said ''we will miss you.'' Bishop took us to Mcdonalds at 4:45 in the morning to say goodbye and the Trowbridges came too. I had a lot of friends in the Aurora zone so it was sad leaving, one was named Elder Dennis we like the same music and movies. He is a visa waiter and just got his visa so he will be leaving to Peru on Wednesday. We finally got Chuck to come to church! He loved it too! and wants to join too bad I won't be able to be there to see him get baptized. He was bummed that I was leaving. Well we have a busy week ahead of us! I am pretty nervous about being a district leader so pray for me!

-- Elder Pedro

IMG_0035 - This is Chuck, just outside of the church
IMG_0038 - The Hicks family!
IMG_0040 - The Shidelers, their daughter is a member but they are not, they love us though.
IMG_0042 - Sister Laroux
IMG_0044 - The Trowbridges
IMG_0054 - Elder Broderick, straight out of the MTC
IMG_0025 - the Voorhies

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