Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Elder Pedro: Baptism, Service and Challenges!

Hola. This last week was crazy. It was one of the hardest, longest most rewarding weeks I have had on my mission. Somehow again we ended up doing a lot of service. Saturday we dug post holes and put posts in for 6 hours we were so soar and tired, we helped a lady move on Thursday, and spent Friday afternoon digging out a duck pond and leveling it and filling it back in. Oscar got baptized on Saturday so that was awesome! I gave a talk on priesthood at his baptism and my companion Elder Epps confirmed him a member on Sunday. Everything went smoothly this time.

Thursday is the day that we eat with the Trowbridges, they are a sweet family from Idaho and they move around a lot so they live in an RV, he surprised Thursday night with longboards so we have been riding around everywhere it is pretty awesome. We are still working with Chuck, we have been struggling with him because we can't seem to get him to read the Book of Mormon, so we presented the problem during our district meeting and we got a lot of good ideas, one elder suggested that we challenege him to read the Book of Mormon in a week and tell him that we will do it with him, so thats what we did. Friday night we went to Chuck's house and challenged him to read it in a week and he accepted, he called us Saturday and told us that his car had broken down so he will have more time at home to Read. We are going to read it in a week with him too, its going to be kinda hard because we have a lot going on this week and we haven't even started. We are on week 5 so transfers are coming up soon.

-IMG_0019 - Oscar after he was baptized!
-IMG_0011 - Fine tuning Epps board.

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