Monday, August 6, 2012

Baptism, More Investigators and a Tire Chicken Coop!

Hello, This transfer has been going by way fast, I feel like I just got to Strasburg and the transfer is over this week. We find out on Saturday whats happening for transfers. We only had one baptism this last week, Melanie said that she needs more time. Our roommate did get baptized though on Saturday. We spent most of Saturday getting everything ready for the baptism including cleaning the font. We couldn't get the font to drain all day though and we found out that the font doesn't drain water at all so we waited till an hour before the baptism to fill the font. When we went in to check on the font it had drained most of the water so we hurried up and filled it more and stopped it when the Baptismal Service started, when we moved to the baptismal font it had drained a foot of water and was super shallow, and our roommate is pretty tall. His friend who was baptizing him tried a couple of times but he wasn't getting fully submersed, so finally they had him kneel and they just laid him down. It was pretty stressful but he got baptized which is good. We found out that the maintenance guys are coming today to fix the font.

Last Monday night we taught a family who belong to the Eastern Ukrainian Catholic religion and the husband is a deacon in that church It was a pretty interesting lesson but it went well. Wednesday we had a mini Zone conference in Aurora we had only two zones there, we had a great training on planning and how important it is to plan. After the meeting Josh (our roommate) met with Elder Goesch and had his Baptismal Interview. It started pouring Wednesday Afternoon and we had a lesson with Oscar who lives in the middle of no where and who to drive about 15 miles on dirt roads, some of them were flooding and so our truck got hammered with mud. We did a service project for a lady in the ward and built a chicken coop out of tires, we would fill the tires with dirt and stack them, but it wasn't stable and they eventually fell down so we stopped building and they postponed the project until they figure out how to do it. Sunday was a great day we had the opportunity to stand in the circle when Josh was confirmed a member and also we stood in the circle for a baby blessing, which I had never done. The spirit pretty much forced me to bear my testimony too so that was cool. We went to Deer Trail and got a soft commitment for one of our investigators to be baptized so that was sweet.

IMG_0032 - Josh, Kimball and us before the baptism
IMG_0002 - Elder Epps trying to uni cycle, he crashed pretty good a few minutes after this.

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